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here are some of my other themes!


Onigiri is a wonderful (and easy) choice for packed lunch. This type of onigiri will be filled with tuna and mayonnaise, but these delicious rice balls can be filled with a variety of wonderful things!

What You’ll Need

1 cup cooked, hot rice (medium or short grain is preferred)

1 sheet dried nori (seaweed), cut into wide strips

1 can tuna, drained

1/2 tablespoon mayonnaise

1 teaspoon salt


1. In a bowl, mix the tuna and mayonnaise.

2. Put half of the rice onto a square of plastic wrap. Make an indent in the center of the rice and add some of the tuna-mayonnaise mixture.

3. Wrap the rice in the plastic wrap and press into a triangle shape.

4. Remove the plastic wrap and sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of salt over the rice ball.

5. Wrap the nori around the middle half of the rice ball, as pictured above.

Note: You can also wrap the onigiri in a small sheet of nori for convenience and less mess.


I miss yellow lines in my roads
Some color on monochrome
Maybe I’ll paint them in myself
Maybe I’ll paint them in myself


I didn’t see any many galaxy/nebula brushes floating around, so I made my own! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧  Hope someone find it helping ;v;

You have to add detail and effect by self, but it’s pretty easy!! Maybe I make tutorial on it later ;v;

I suggest detail and blend layers on luminosity or addition!! Use bright colours!


I suggest using a watercolour brush on following sets:

Size: 26.0

Min size: 60%

Density: 100%

Spread: 50%

(No Texture)

Blending: 50

Dilution: 50

Persistence: 80

Keep opacity: yes

Smoothing Prs: 50%

+Advanced Settings:

Quality: 2

Edge Hardness: 0

Min Density: 0

Max Dens Prs: 100%

Hard <-> Soft: 100

Dens: Yes Size: Yes Blend: Yes


I suggest using a brush on the following sets:

Size: 100.0

Min size: 3%

Density: 54%

Spread: 100%

(No Texture)

Blending: 49

Dilution: 0

Persistence: 80

Keep opacity: no

+Advanced Settings:

Quality: 2

Edge Hardness: 0

Min Density: 10

Max Dens Prs: 49%

Hard <-> Soft: 0

Dens: Yes Size: Yes Blend: No

Orbiting Mnemosyne is a two-kilometer-long ship with the unmistakable profile of a Reaper. It is giving off power signatures in localized areas, but they are far weaker than a ship this size would indicate. The Reaper seems to maintain a mass effect field that has kept it from falling into the failed star, but massive holes have been blasted and melted into parts of the hull and remain unrepaired. The only logical conclusion is that the Reaper “died” or was at least reduced to minimal functioning a long time ago.

Kingdom Hearts, Pixiv, and You: A TAG GUIDE


Need to find your favorite KH OTP or character on pixiv but don’t fuckin know how?? Well look no further, Wikh’s here to help you out!!


  • 王国心 (“oukoku kokoro”) » A literal, fancy-shmancy way of saying “kingdom hearts.” The most used tag for KH on pixiv.
  • KH » The second-most used tag.
  • キングダムハーツ (“kingudamu haatsu”) » The actual title of Kingdom Hearts in Japan and a lesser-used tag on pixiv.
  • R-18 (Rating 18) » Ages 18+ mature warning. Sexual or violent.
  • 腐向け (“fumuke”) » This literally means “intended for decay.” Wait a minute, what? Weeelll, that first kanji 腐 “fu” comes from 腐女子 “fujoshi,” or women really into yaoi and shit. So this tag, odd decay kanji aside, will include homodudes anywhere from holding hands to fuckin butts. Unfortunately there’s not an equally-used tag for homochicks. 腐 by itself is also a tag.

SHIPS (called カプ or CP, short for カップリング “coupling”)

※ NOTE: Enter them as you see below. Switching kanji might not give you the best results. This list is in general order of popularity. ※

  • 空陸 (Sora x Riku) » These are the kanji for “sora” and “riku,” which I hope to Nomura you all know mean “sky” and “land.”
  • 悪六 or 813 (Axel x Roxas) » The first set of kanji actually says “akuroku,” with “aku” coming from Axel’s “akuseru” and “roku” from Roxas’ “rokusasu.” The respective kanji mean “bad” and “6” lol. There is no ulterior meaning behind these kanji choices. 813 refers to their Organization titles.
  • 六空 (Sora x Roxas) » Self-explanatory.
  • ロクシオ (Roxas x Xion) » “Rokushio.” The “roku” from Roxas and the “shio” from Xion’s “shion”
  • 空組 (“Soragumi”) » Literally “Sora group” (which I nicknamed “The 4 Soras” lol), made up of Sora, Roxas, Ventus, and Vanitas. Not a romantic-only tag, but it IS in there.
  • 空海 (Sora x Kairi) » Kanji for “sora” again and the “kai” in Kairi, meaning “sea” (which I hope you all know by now). ※ Some of your search results will yield other ships. ※
  • テラアク (Terra x Aqua) » This is pronounced “tera-aku,” the former being self-explanatory and the latter being the “aku” part in Aqua’s “akua.”
  • リアイザ or 78 (Saïx x Axel) » I’m bummed there’s no better tag for this ship. The first input is “riaiza” and sounds like our “Lea/Isa,” except it works better when you realize Lea’s Japanese name is Ria (“ree-ah”), so it transitions into “aiza” pretty smoothly. The second half is simply their respective Organization titles and will be difficult to get good results from the search bar. ※ Try finding KH artists and seeing if they have the tag in their sidebar or bookmarks. ※
  • 弁兎 (Ventus x Vanitas) » This is my favorite one to explain. There’s no “v”-sound in Japanese, so it defaults to a “b”-sound. Ventus’ “ven” turns into “ben,” which is where the first kanji comes from (meaning “dialect” or “valve;” no ulterior meaning). Vanitas’ “vani” turns into “bani,” which is pronounced just like the English word “bunny,” and thus they use the kanji for rabbit to represent Vanitas. :DD (which isn’t pronounced “bani” but rather “usagi” lmao) I THINK THAT’S SO COOL IDK LEAVE ME ALONE
  • 寺弁 (Terra x Ventus) » The first kanji is “tera,” a motherfucking BUDDHIST TEMPLE WOW SO CONCEITED. The second kanji you know already.
  • 陸波 (Riku x Naminé) » Riku, obviously, and then the “nami” part of Namine, which means “wave.” 
  • 陸六 (Riku x Roxas) » Self-explanatory.
  • 陸潮 (Riku x Xion) » Riku, duh, and then kanji of Xion’s “shio,” which means tide.


  • 空 or ソラ » Sora
  • アンチソラ or アンチフォーム » Anti-Sora and Antiform Sora
  • 陸 or リク » Riku
  • 海(里) or カイリ » Kairi
  • 波 or ナミネ » Namine
  • 若ゼアノート » Young Xehanort
  • 寺 or テラ » Terra
  • アクア » Aqua
  • 弁 or ヴェントゥス or ヴェン » Ventus
  • 兎 or ヴァニタス or ヴァニ » Vanitas
  • ゼアノート » Xehanort
  • アンセム » Ansem
  • ゼムナス » Xemnas
  • シグバール or ブライグ » Xigbar or Braig
  • ザルディン or ディラン » Xaldin or Dilan
  • ヴィクセン or エヴェン » Vexen or Even
  • レクセウス or エレウス » Lexaeus or Aeleus
  • ゼクシオン or イエンツォ » Zexion or Ienzo
  • サイクス or アイザ » Saïx or Ïsa
  • 悪 or アクセル or リア » Axel or Lea
  • デミックス » Demyx
  • ルクソード » Luxord
  • マールーシャ » Marluxia
  • ラクシーヌ » Larxene
  • 六 or ロクサス » Roxas
  • 潮 or シオン » Xion

If there’s anyone important I’ve forgotten or you want me to dig a little deeper, lemme know and I’ll update! Happy Hunting!

vullo : What type of brush do you use to so line less? It's so smoooth


my ink pen!