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Orbiting Mnemosyne is a two-kilometer-long ship with the unmistakable profile of a Reaper. It is giving off power signatures in localized areas, but they are far weaker than a ship this size would indicate. The Reaper seems to maintain a mass effect field that has kept it from falling into the failed star, but massive holes have been blasted and melted into parts of the hull and remain unrepaired. The only logical conclusion is that the Reaper “died” or was at least reduced to minimal functioning a long time ago.

Kingdom Hearts, Pixiv, and You: A TAG GUIDE


Need to find your favorite KH OTP or character on pixiv but don’t fuckin know how?? Well look no further, Wikh’s here to help you out!!


  • 王国心 (“oukoku kokoro”) » A literal, fancy-shmancy way of saying “kingdom hearts.” The most used tag for KH on pixiv.
  • KH » The second-most used tag.
  • キングダムハーツ (“kingudamu haatsu”) » The actual title of Kingdom Hearts in Japan and a lesser-used tag on pixiv.
  • R-18 (Rating 18) » Ages 18+ mature warning. Sexual or violent.
  • 腐向け (“fumuke”) » This literally means “intended for decay.” Wait a minute, what? Weeelll, that first kanji 腐 “fu” comes from 腐女子 “fujoshi,” or women really into yaoi and shit. So this tag, odd decay kanji aside, will include homodudes anywhere from holding hands to fuckin butts. Unfortunately there’s not an equally-used tag for homochicks. 腐 by itself is also a tag.

SHIPS (called カプ or CP, short for カップリング “coupling”)

※ NOTE: Enter them as you see below. Switching kanji might not give you the best results. This list is in general order of popularity. ※

  • 空陸 (Sora x Riku) » These are the kanji for “sora” and “riku,” which I hope to Nomura you all know mean “sky” and “land.”
  • 悪六 or 813 (Axel x Roxas) » The first set of kanji actually says “akuroku,” with “aku” coming from Axel’s “akuseru” and “roku” from Roxas’ “rokusasu.” The respective kanji mean “bad” and “6” lol. There is no ulterior meaning behind these kanji choices. 813 refers to their Organization titles.
  • 六空 (Sora x Roxas) » Self-explanatory.
  • ロクシオ (Roxas x Xion) » “Rokushio.” The “roku” from Roxas and the “shio” from Xion’s “shion”
  • 空組 (“Soragumi”) » Literally “Sora group” (which I nicknamed “The 4 Soras” lol), made up of Sora, Roxas, Ventus, and Vanitas. Not a romantic-only tag, but it IS in there.
  • 空海 (Sora x Kairi) » Kanji for “sora” again and the “kai” in Kairi, meaning “sea” (which I hope you all know by now). ※ Some of your search results will yield other ships. ※
  • テラアク (Terra x Aqua) » This is pronounced “tera-aku,” the former being self-explanatory and the latter being the “aku” part in Aqua’s “akua.”
  • リアイザ or 78 (Saïx x Axel) » I’m bummed there’s no better tag for this ship. The first input is “riaiza” and sounds like our “Lea/Isa,” except it works better when you realize Lea’s Japanese name is Ria (“ree-ah”), so it transitions into “aiza” pretty smoothly. The second half is simply their respective Organization titles and will be difficult to get good results from the search bar. ※ Try finding KH artists and seeing if they have the tag in their sidebar or bookmarks. ※
  • 弁兎 (Ventus x Vanitas) » This is my favorite one to explain. There’s no “v”-sound in Japanese, so it defaults to a “b”-sound. Ventus’ “ven” turns into “ben,” which is where the first kanji comes from (meaning “dialect” or “valve;” no ulterior meaning). Vanitas’ “vani” turns into “bani,” which is pronounced just like the English word “bunny,” and thus they use the kanji for rabbit to represent Vanitas. :DD (which isn’t pronounced “bani” but rather “usagi” lmao) I THINK THAT’S SO COOL IDK LEAVE ME ALONE
  • 寺弁 (Terra x Ventus) » The first kanji is “tera,” a motherfucking BUDDHIST TEMPLE WOW SO CONCEITED. The second kanji you know already.
  • 陸波 (Riku x Naminé) » Riku, obviously, and then the “nami” part of Namine, which means “wave.” 
  • 陸六 (Riku x Roxas) » Self-explanatory.
  • 陸潮 (Riku x Xion) » Riku, duh, and then kanji of Xion’s “shio,” which means tide.


  • 空 or ソラ » Sora
  • アンチソラ or アンチフォーム » Anti-Sora and Antiform Sora
  • 陸 or リク » Riku
  • 海(里) or カイリ » Kairi
  • 波 or ナミネ » Namine
  • 若ゼアノート » Young Xehanort
  • 寺 or テラ » Terra
  • アクア » Aqua
  • 弁 or ヴェントゥス or ヴェン » Ventus
  • 兎 or ヴァニタス or ヴァニ » Vanitas
  • ゼアノート » Xehanort
  • アンセム » Ansem
  • ゼムナス » Xemnas
  • シグバール or ブライグ » Xigbar or Braig
  • ザルディン or ディラン » Xaldin or Dilan
  • ヴィクセン or エヴェン » Vexen or Even
  • レクセウス or エレウス » Lexaeus or Aeleus
  • ゼクシオン or イエンツォ » Zexion or Ienzo
  • サイクス or アイザ » Saïx or Ïsa
  • 悪 or アクセル or リア » Axel or Lea
  • デミックス » Demyx
  • ルクソード » Luxord
  • マールーシャ » Marluxia
  • ラクシーヌ » Larxene
  • 六 or ロクサス » Roxas
  • 潮 or シオン » Xion

If there’s anyone important I’ve forgotten or you want me to dig a little deeper, lemme know and I’ll update! Happy Hunting!

vullo : What type of brush do you use to so line less? It's so smoooth


my ink pen!

Starry Night Brush for Sai Paint



Anonymous : Um, hi! I was wondering if you could do a mini tutorial on how to colour clouds? (You don't have to do this uvu) I really love your word, I'm inspired by it!



i got multiple questions about this, so i’ll just answer it on this ask

sorry i kept putting it off for so long…

so… i guess i would think of what kind of sky i would want

i like sunsets, so i’ll draw that


so i start with the very back color; it’s a dull purple

my intent is to go from purple/dark grey->peach/pink


i like to use this fuzzy brush

imagenot sure what to call these… the ‘back’ / ‘dark’ clouds?

i put on random splotches at 40~50% opacity of dark blue around the edges


imagei’m going to put my light source at the bottom right, so i put a rusty orange color slightly at 10~20% opacity

imagethen i blended the colors before i started to add more colors

the more you blend, the better the picture will look 8)

imagenow i put my pen at around size 8-10 to put in thin areas of peach/gold where the light will hit at around 60% opacity


color it where ever you think it looks good 


i like to adjust my colors and edit on sai

on an overlay layer on top of the drawing, i airbrushed so dark blue in at the top left and right


then near the end i like to use the combination of lower brightness and higher contrast

i’ll put a video later since my explanation is horrible most of the time…

sorry i put the drawing sideways… it wouldn’t fit

try these drawings for reference…

maybe use the eyedropper and use colors from these?

hope that helps 

this is for the multiple color asks received


Enhancing Colors


This tutorial focuses on accentuating a single color already present in an image and getting them to match. If you don’t know your way around coloring an image, this tutorial may not be for you.

You will need:



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Helpful Cosplay links:


Wigs: (I highly recommend always wearing a wig while cosplaying)

arda wigs

epiccosplay wigs (my favorite wig sellers. Great customer service)

cosplay wigs usa

gothic lolita wigs


Cream makeup, body paint and sfx makeup

For the question “which character should I cosplay?”

(just enter in character details at the top of the page)

Finding conventions:


(numbers represent different parts or methods)

sewing machines

wig heads

wig cap


List of tutorials  How to’s

concealing eyebrows

Binding (do not use ace bandages invest in a binder or buy sports bras)

packing for a convention boot covers fangs wings gems 

armor: 1 2 video fiber glass or alternative

shields (you can alter it to be any shape you want and you can use something besides a dish) 

masks  1 2

resin casting part 1 2

Basic Hem kigurumi tunic mermaid tail gloves sailor collar pleated skirt circle skirt fabric dyeing

Wig dyeing pigtails 1 fixing a wig spikes 1 bangs (It may be better to cut a strand of the bangs for reference while you have it on and then cut the rest when its pinned to a wig head) Wearing a wig with long hair 

Photography 1 2 3 4

If you have any other questions feel free to ask here or here


TRIANGULAR UPDATES: preview, codes to copy below!

ok so i’ve been asked to make this tutorial by 990491031 different people and it gets frustrating  SO I’VE decided to make one for y’all give me a hells yea

first of all you’re gonna need a few codes and i’m gonna roughly explain wot to heck they do 

1. first, copy the meta code and paste that ABOVE <style type=”text/css”>

(the meta code is responsible for what appears on the left hand corner of the editing system, yknow that white column with bars where you can customize the colour of your text and all? ye, this is so you can conviently change the color of your blog to whatever you wish without furiously having to change the codes on the html itself. your welcome)

2. secondly, paste the css code BELOW <style type=”text/css”>

(the css is the technical dynamic of your blog it tells the system how you want your blog to look like how the stuff on it are positioned where it goes what shape it takes on so ye its hella important)

3. thirdly, paste the htmlcode BELOW <body>

(the html code basically is the content of the CSS one can’t work without the other so this is equally just as important i’ve also labelled where your text goes so just mess around w it)

things to note: i’ve labelled where to CHANGE the height of the updates tab so that the words aren’t cut off so just change it whatever and the main border meta is the colour of the triangle after its been stretched out into a rectangle this is so the colours are consistent for all the tabs idk 

well that would be all. good luck!!!